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Welcome. I'm so glad you’ve arrived!

Are you tired of feeling anxious, exhausted or unsatisfied with the way you are living?  

You might have some idea that past traumas have impacted the way you live your life today.  

Most people who find themselves here are in a process of waking up and they realize it’s possible to feel more joy, ease, and self-acceptance.

So many people know things need to change, but get stuck in fear that it’s never going to happen. If you’re still searching for more, it means some part of you knows that it’s possible to not only survive, but thrive and live an abundant life.


With the right support and challenge you can feel in control of your life and attain your goals and desires. 

In our work together, you will connect deeply to yourself and discover new pathways to nourishment and inner peace. Learning the tools you need to navigate the complexity of your psyche, body and soul are essential and unfortunately not something that is taught in most people’s upbringing. Therapy is a process of deep inquiry and learning so that you can begin to connect more fully with who you are and walk a path to healing and fulfillment.

I use a unique combination of methods depending on your individual needs:

• Body-Centered Techniques


• Neuroscience

• Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

• Internal Family Systems

• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

• Motivational Interviewing

My approach is founded on the concept of basic goodness, the ability to look at your ways of coping as brilliant strategies for survival. Even if these strategies no longer serve you they were, at one time, the best option you had and now it is time to let go of the old ways and develop even more effective skills. This work alleviates the suffering caused by old traumas, limiting self beliefs, and pain stuck in the body.

I’ve been through many difficult struggles in my own life, and I know it’s hard to trust that there is a way through.


The process of transforming your life begins now. You have done so much to arrive here.  I look forward to being your ally on this incredible journey.



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"Katie is the embodiment of fierce grace. She weaves  together impeccable clinical skill, deep compassion,  and intuitive approaches into her care for clients. Her  clients can expect steadiness, trustworthiness,  inspiration, and hope for them to guide their  therapeutic journey. Their lives will never be the  same."

 ~ Alison McQueen MA, LPC

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