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Spiritual Support

"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here."

-Max Ehrmann

My practice acknowledges the whole person, which includes the body, mind and spirit. I strongly believe it is also important to honor the cultural contexts that surround us. I believe it is essential to examine one’s life through the lens of the culture of one’s upbringing, as well as where you currently live. These dynamic elements are different for everyone and create a rich tapestry of life experiences.


I’m trained in Transpersonal Psychology which bridges traditional psychology with spirituality.  This modality is rooted in acceptance of the non-ordinary and supports you in seeing beyond the consensus trance.  To me, this term refers to the unconscious ideas and rules, from society’s conditioning, that become implanted in our minds as reality when in fact reality is profoundly subjective. Identifying aspects of the consensus trance might cause you to consider your gender acculturation or your family’s obsession with success.  As a guide, I’m committed to helping you form your own values,  reclaim your unique definition of health and well being, and ultimately, reconnect to the source of your own wisdom.


My practice is well suited for you if you’re interested in exploring expanded states of consciousness, those outside the limits of your personal identity.  From this perspective the spiritual dimension allows for a connection with something beyond the self, which satisfies the top spectrum in the hierarchy of human needs. This style of work supports people who consider themselves religious and those who have crafted a unique set of beliefs that might not align with any spiritual doctrine.

Some examples of the spiritual support I offer are:

-Ceremony to mark rites of passage

-Guided Meditation

-Ancestral work

-Grief work

-Negotiating soul contracts

-Integration work for non-ordinary states of consciousness:

            *Kundalini experiences

            *Near death experiences

            *Life changing events

            *Extreme-state experiences  

            *Psychedelic experiences

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