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"Katie has taken the time to train in a wide variety of approaches to therapy, and this dedication to learning and growing her skillset as a therapist reflects her deep commitment to our profession. It also means  that she can successfully serve a diverse variety of clients and their challenges. Katie's compassionate and intuitive abilities line-up with her keen and sharp understanding of the therapeutic process. She is crafting a unique therapy practice informed by all of these qualities. I am always happy to refer clients her way."    

Merryl E. Rothaus, LPC, LMHC, ATR-BC, CHT

"As a queer woman of color, finding a therapist that would be able to understand and support me was a serious concern as I began searching for someone to start therapy with. I was so happy to find Katie because I felt like she had the knowledge base and the skill set to really respect and honor my identity.


Through our work together, I can say that I have grown and healed in ways that I wouldn't have been able to without Katie's insight and expertise.  I shared depths of myself with Katie that I was terrified to be open about, and through it all, I felt that she only had acceptance and respect for me. 


Today I use the tools that Katie gave me through our work together, I practice the skills that she helped me cultivate, and I constantly return to the insights she shared with me, so that I can continue to grow and heal."


““I have been a mental health colleague of Katie’s for several years.  I am regularly struck by Katie’s ability to form relationships with her clients and see to the heart of the important issues affecting them.  With this natural insight I have witnessed her unlock a pathway of healing for those that she treats.”

Tyson Rittenmeyer MA, LPC, MT-BC

“When I started seeing Katie I was in a really dark place and the work we did together helped me get back on my feet. I can't say I would be where I am today if it weren't for her support. She is without a doubt one of the best therapists I have ever worked with and for that I am grateful!”


""Working with Katie helped to change my life for the better. She was gentle, but not afraid to challenge me, and ask tough questions that others were afraid to ask. Rather than giving me "answers" to my problems, Katie helped me blaze my own trail by giving me space to process my thoughts and feelings, and offering me coping skills along the way."


"Katie is the embodiment of fierce grace.  She weaves together impeccable clinical skill, deep compassion and intuitive approaches into her care for clients. Her clients can expect steadiness, trustworthiness, inspiration and hope for them to guide their therapeutic journey.  Their lives will never be the same."

Alison McQueen MA, LPC

"There are people who touch our lives in certain points along the spiraling path of life. Katie Markley is this one such person in my life. I am proud to know her as a colleague, a supervisor, a force of strength and clinical wisdom that emanates from her heart towards helping others. I worked alongside Katie, on her clinical team, where in my opinion I was blessed to learn from the best.  As my supervisor Katie was able to recognize something in me that I did not believe was possible as a future clinician. I value her expertise, empathy, non-sugar coated truth and true dedication towards personal growth. Katie continues to challenge all my growth points on a regular basis. With a gentle honesty, she encourages me to reach beyond the old stories in my life that no longer serve me.


I recommend Katie as a therapist who genuinely cares for the whole person.  She is someone who creatively addresses the needs of others using the most genuine therapeutic approach."

Janelle Skogstad MA, LPC
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