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Trauma Work

I offer EMDR, Body-Centered psychotherapy, and Neuroscience research to support my clients. 

Most people have been exposed to a traumatic event or a series of incidents. Trauma is a response to life threatening or perceived life threatening situations. When you are exposed to a situation where you cannot stay present your body automatically takes over and your nervous system sends into you into a state of fight, flight or freeze.

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Addiction & Recovery

I approach addiction counseling through an emphasis on mindfulness, trauma healing and connection. In sessions, I will help you identify what goes on in your body and brain during stressful situations and teach you how to manage painful thoughts, feelings and sensations without letting them overwhelm you. I can also give you tools to effectively navigate normal life triggers, like work and relationship stress.

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Art Therapy

Making art creates the space to be with the things in our lives that require attention...the decision we are afraid to make, the feeling that is hard to name, or the issue that keeps returning.  


Art Therapy is a modality suited for anyone, including people who do not consider themselves artistic and those who never make "art."  The creative process helps people to resolve problems, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and achieve insight.  

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Spiritual Support

I’m trained in Transpersonal Psychology which bridges traditional psychology with spirituality. My practice is well suited for you if you’re interested in exploring expanded states of consciousness, those outside of the limits of your personal identity, and what can only be felt but rarely ever seen.  From this perspective the spiritual dimension allows for a connection with something beyond the self, which satisfies the top spectrum in the hierarchy of human needs. 

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Grief Work

My job as your therapist is to help guide you in the process of feeling cared for and supported so that you emerge from your loss with more insight and power.  I bring my heart to everyone session so you can feel that you’re in a space where you can embrace the multitude of emotions and metabolize them into a new, integrated outlook on life.

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Nature- Based Therapy

I do nature-based work with people in the midst of major life transitions, and psycho-spiritual upheaval. These thresholds give way to immense potential for living a more authentic life. They require us to grow ever more whole, to shed outgrown ways, and heal from deep within.


During this process, the natural world can be used as a transformative tool to bring your body, mind and spirit into unity. The sacred environment of nature provides a unique arena where you can receive nourishment and healing.

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Young Adult Mentor

As a therapeutic mentor, I’m here to support you in attaining your goals towards independence while building a connection with me based on trust, care and depth. In my role, I generally focus on helping others with their personal, academic and career interests. I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults who want to feel more productive, organized and inspired.

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